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Our mission is to tackle fast-fashion brands by convincing people how harmful their consumption of cheaply made clothing is and the devastating impact it has on our planet.

Vecaly brings apparel on the market that is made with the highest quality, sustainable and ethical made. Hereby diminishing pollution and exploitation of people and planet.


Lastly being affordable (and not demanding 3x the price) and selling more and more our products will bring new standards to the fashion industry.


Tempus Fugit


A greener future that we will make tangible

Ethical craftmanship

Produced in fair and ethical circumstances

Socially engaged

We care for our customers and the people who produce our clothing

What is "Vecaly"?

Vecaly is a movement to change the world to a more sustainable and ethical economy. We despise exploitation of people and nature and push for better alternatives like our apparel.

Don't just wear it, represent it!

How is Vecaly an ecologic-positive, ethical made
and socially engaged product?

Our apparel is certified with labels from companies
who keep surveillance on the whole sustainable and ethical production process. 

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